Graphic & Content Supervisor


Responsibilities :

  • Create design concepts for OTL channels for all promotional materials of all companies  to support the achievement of target & Traffic awareness

  • Create content plans & posts for OTL channels

  • Creating content promotional materials for Digital Marketing (Web, Socmed)

  • Post on Web pages, social media links (photos, digital materials, videos, GIF material, articles  posted)

  • Make an analysis of the post material that has been posted (interaction, SEO analysis)

  • Take photos of products, ambience, to be used as promotional materials for ATL, BTL & OTL

  • Creating videos and motion graphics to be used as supporting material on the OTL channel

  • Responsible for meeting the level of quantity (output), quality and target audience  in the OTL Channel

  • Create and build Content Posts that will post on Web & Social Pages  Media

  • Create OTL Channels for Analysis and Together with Marketing & Promotion Managers as well

  • Create a digital ad purchase plan to support awareness

Qualifications : 

  • Visual Design Graphics (ATL, BTL & OTL)

  • Web Design (create & Post Content & Analisa)

  • Digital Marketing (Content creation, post, analyst all digital channels)

  • Social Media (Content & Analisa)

  • Photography & Video (Taken Shots, editing, mixing, cut to cut)

  • Software skill ( Adobe XD & Fam, Google Ads)


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